The Ambassador of Bushahr

Thakur Satyanarayan Kapuri Temple trust got the distinction of receiving the honor of Ambassador of Bushahr under the Magnificent and Benevolent Bushahr campaign of Rampur Administration.

The honour was received by the general secretary Sh. Vinay Sharma of the temple trust at the Red Cross fair, Rampur Bushahr on 7th of May. The honour was given to the temple trust formed by Vishwa Hindu Parishad for performing numerous social activities such as arranging marriages for poor people, serving thousands of people during Covid by providing shelter and food, organising health camps, blood donation camps and so on.

Trust officials Shri Madan Bharti, Shri Roshan Chaudhary, Shri Uma Dutt Bhardwaj, Shri Jai Dayal ji were also present.

Taking this honour today, I remembered our lost companions Late Shri Narotam Chauhan and Late Shri Dev Kumar Negi ji.

Vinay Sharma (General Secretary)

Hearty thanks to Rampur administration and all the people of the area. This honor will inspire all of us to work for more public interest.

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