Marriage of Downtrodden Girl

Today, girl marriage was organized by Thakur Satyanarayan Kapuria Temple Trust. Due to poor financial condition, and the family’s compulsion due to the death of the father, the temple trust took up this task in its own hands. The marriage ceremony, and the reception of the procession, took place according to Hindu customs.

Trust’s President Shri Ashwani Kumar Soni ji, Vice President Shri Uma Dutt Bhardwaj, Treasurer Shri Madan Bharti members Shri Rajiv Agarwal, Vishnu Sharma, Jaidayal Mehta ji, Pratap Negi ji, Sandeep Thakur ji and Department Organization Minister Shri Vinod ji were present. In order to make a good living, some ornaments etc. were also presented by the trust in addition to the essential items of the house like clothes, bedding utensils etc. A copy of a religious book Ramayana was also presented. Some elders of the city also came and blessed them. Thanks to all the citizens for their cooperation directly or indirectly.

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