20th Century Oil Paintings

The complexity of the synthetic paint that has been repeatedly decorated for over one hundred years was carefully removed. After removing the over coated colour it gives the original work which survived and provide valuable insights into original work styles. It is also very essential to investigate the history of a particular temple before deciding any conservation work. The broken stucco of painting and sculpture on walls and pillars were recreated. The next process is to apply the size, in gilding technique the term size means any materials used to seal the pores of a surface or serve as an adhesive. Oil type gold size is a varnish like liquid that is applied with a brush. The tacky touch depends on time  which also depend on atmospheric conditions, viz warm and humid weather, dry weather heartens the action, wet weather.

Gold leaf, despite its thinness and vulnerability is extremely hard- wearing. The whole leaves are used when gilding all over patterns and large solid areas. Loose gold can be cut by a pair of scissors depending on the line and curves of the solid surface. The position of gold leaf is placed precisely without any movement and hesitancy to avoid any risk of losing gold leaf.

Line the golden leaves up with the area you wish to cover and then  deposit it . Each fresh pieces of gold  should be applied so that the overlap all the point the same way. Gold which was applied loosely on the surface need to be pressed gently into close contact with the size.